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"Economic success comes not from doing what others do well, but from doing what others cannot do, or cannot do as well" - John Kay

Trident has the unique knowledge, skills and abilities to create or adapt risk transfer and hedging strategies through creation and implementation of innovative programs adopted by trading partners. Traditional direct methods of risk transfer are not always the answer. Our work begins by defining the importance of the transaction then proceeds to the development and execution of a plan that will expand our clients competitive advantage. We approach solutions with specialized knowledge platforms, risk trading partner and issuing carrier participation in both domestic and international markets.

Our Vision: Trident will innovate, produce and manage a risk management strategy that empowers opportunities that are economical, useful and measurable to our client. Read More »

Jeff Post

Jeff Post CRIS, ACI
Managing Partner

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Through exceptional talent, Trident will create a solutions for our clients that adapts to oblique and changing times through improvement of thought, products and services.

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