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Reinsurance & Financial Intermediary

Who We Are

Trident acts as both a Reinsurance and Financial Intermediary with specialized knowledge and applications in the development of insurance programs, captive insurance structures, collateral reinsurance, catastrophe funding, and life longevity wrap-up strategies. Associations, corporations, reinsurers, insured and private fund managers can benefit from the knowledge and resources we can share that embrace risk and empower opportunities to improve results.

Our Vision: Trident will develop, design, produce and manage a quality risk management strategy that empowers opportunities that are economical, useful and measurable to the client. Read More »

Jeff Post

Jeff Post CRIS, ACI
Managing Partner

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Through exceptional talent, Trident will create constancy of purpose for improvement of products and services that relates to our client's focus.

We'll share with you good information on real world issues that we have found interesting and useful to your business.

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